Venkatachalapathi Madheswaran

May 5, 2020

Venkatachalapathi Madheswaran (also known as Venkat) is the Head of Engineering Technology at The Shelby Group. Within his role, he is responsible for overseeing the engineering team, planning resources for technical projects, and defining and reviewing all best practices and guidelines for his department.

Venkat also serves as the Principal Integration Architect at Shelby. He carefully guides the team in providing architecture, solutions and dataflow mechanisms for Source-to-Pay Platform integration with ERPs and other systems.

Along with his other responsibilities, he also handles Product Management for Shelby’s Digital Invoice™ and CTX™ tools. Venkat manages the overall lifecycle for these products – preparation, demo, build, deployment, and maintenance. He is also responsible for the server hosting on AWS – server sizing and set up, production deployments, upgrade cycle, and disaster recovery.

As a Technology Subject Matter Expert (SME) on a wide variety of topics, Venkat has designed and created several crucial tools for Shelby including the following:

•  Designed and built an integration between Coupa and different tax engines like Avalara, Vertex, OneSource
•  Managed, designed, built and delivered integration between Coupa and SAP using PIPO
•  Managed, designed, built and delivered integration between Coupa and Oracle
•  Designed and built an integration between two supplier network hubs
•  Aided in the design, build and continual improvement of Shelby’s Digital Invoice

Venkat joined The Shelby Group in 2012. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science degree from Shanmugha College of Engineering.