Six Secrets to Successful Supplier Onboarding

October 24, 2017

There is a long-running debate in management circles about which is more important: strategy or execution. When it comes to supplier onboarding, there is no debate. Execution is everything. It is a “make or break” process for enabling the success of your procurement transformation initiative.

While more and more businesses are embracing procurement automation as a “no-brainer” candidate for digitizing business processes, many overlook or minimize the importance of the “block and tackle” tasks required to bring P2P initiatives to life.

As a result, key steps in supplier onboarding and enablement often either begin too late or are completed in a less-than-comprehensive manner. This causes significant delays, increases the cost of P2P implementation and ultimately erodes the value your company can achieve from procurement automation.

Shelby’s latest eBook, Supplier Onboarding: Six Secrets to a Successful Journey, offers insights on what you should think about and plan for before you begin onboarding suppliers for your procurement automation initiative. Enjoy the read!

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