As much as things change…

June 29, 2012

Having just experienced a brand refresh here at Shelby, we’ve spent a fair amount of time lately thinking about change. Of course, we’ve witnessed far-reaching changes in the procurement field since founding the company a decade ago. These include the evolution of procurement as a shared corporate service, growth in outsourcing, the move to the cloud, and now—with SAP’s announcement of the Ariba acquisition–the beginning of a new phase of consolidation as ERP and infrastructure vendors begin to lay down their bets on the next big thing…the Big Data advantage. We’ll address each of these changes in upcoming entries.

But as much as things change, certain business realities remain the same. Each of the clients we interviewed in the process of updating our services and positioning told us that technology is and always will be only one piece of the larger puzzle for achieving measurable business results. Because no two company’s strategies and processes are alike, there’s no such thing as a silver technology bullet for reducing procurement costs, cycle times and risks.

Procurement Optimization: Aligning Procurement Strategies, Processes and Technologies

As an advocate for achievement of our client’s business objectives, we hold firm in our belief that Procurement Optimization requires the careful alignment of procurement strategies, processes and technologies. As much as the technology landscape changes, the greatest enterprise challenges will remain—driving stakeholder engagement, adoption and change management is critical to achieving measurable business results.

We hope you’ll spend a few minutes to take a closer look at Shelby’s services for aligning strategy, process and technology to optimize business results throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Let us know how we can help you optimize procurement outcomes in your organization. We look forward to hearing from you.

John Dreyer
President and CEO
The Shelby Group

JIm Kandilas, CPA
EVP, Principal
The Shelby Group